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DiSEqC 1.2 for SkyStar2


Plugins za SS2 sa ovom programom i i driverma radi motor na SkyStar2 karti

DiSEqC 1.2 for SkyStar2 PCI & USB v1.9


I have modified function in SkyNET.sys (SkyNETU.sys) which is called when tuning the tuner and which is responsible for setting DiSEqC. In the original version only various LNB can be set (Write Port Group E0 10 38 xx).
In the modified version, it's possible to use any DiSEqC command in the length of 3-8 bytes. This command must be somehow delivered to the driver. For this purpose SS2DiSEqC.exe is used.
SS2DiSEqC buttons are used for making DiSEqc 1.2 command easier and after pressing the appropriate button, the command is sent to the driver.
The driver will execute this command immediatelly. Your favourite DVB application can use MD or DVBCore plugin SS2DiSEqC.dll also.

And now the detailed description how to make it run
================================================== =

- Save old SkyNET(U).sys from windows\system32\drivers directory
- Copy new SkyNET(U).sys to windows\system32\drivers directory
- Restart PC or in My Computer-> Hardware->Device Manager->Network Adapters->B2C2 ... Disable and Enable driver

ProgDVB, MyTheatre
- Copy SS2DiSEqC.exe, SS2DiSEqC.dll & directory Satellites to directory ProgDVB or/and MyTheatre\Plugins
- Run your ProgDVB (MyTheatre) and tune any channel on your favourite satellite
- Select plugin SS2DiSEqC->Configure (you can Drag&Drop directory Transponders to SS2DiSEqC main window)
- Set your correct Longitude,Latitude and H-H Motor Type, Range and Goto x.x° support etc.

H-H Motor with support Goto x.x°
- Press 'Auto Goto x.x°', theoretical positions are computed for all satellites
- Select your tuned satellite in list and press 'Send', motor is driving
- If no signal ocurres use 'Goto x.x°' button with some increments (some functional channel have to be tuned in ProgDVB, MyTheatre)
- For getting maximal signal press 'Max signal' and modify position
- Press 'Auto Goto x.x°' again and use current satellite as referential, all satellite positions are corrected
- Select other satellite in SS2DiSEqC and press 'Send', motor is driving to new position
- Try 'Max Signal' with finding the strongest transponder, if new position are different save it
- Repeat this two steps for any satellite and fine tune right position
- Close SS2DiSEqC
- Now if you select new channel from other satellite, H-H motor is driving

H-H Motor without support Goto x.x°
- Select your tuned satellite in list
- Press 'Drive motor East/West' witk step eg. 10° and try find the signal (some functional channel have to be tuned in ProgDVB, MyTheatre)
- For getting maximal signal press 'Max signal'
- Use 'Store nn' with ascending counter for saving to the motor's memory
- Use 'Goto nn' with current position and press 'Modify'
- Repeat this steps for all satellites until motor's memory isn't full
- Close SS2DiSEqC
- Now if you select new channel from other satellite, H-H motor is driving

How to install the H-H motor correctly:
1. Make sure that mounting pole is exactly vertical to the Earth before installation.
2. Fix H-H motor onto the mounting pole and attach Antenna dish to the motor (drive motor to 0 position before instalation, dish has to be at the center
of mounting tube).
3. Rotate the motor together with antenna toward TRUE SOUTH (you can use time from SS2DiSEqC 'True South' and Sun's shadow for right setting).
4. Set Elevation Angle of the motor (use 'Elevation' from Cofiguration)
5. Set Angle of the Dish (use 'Declination' from Cofiguration). See motor documentation.
6. Use SS2DiSEqC and DVB Prog to drive motor to satellite nearest South.
7. If no signal, rotate the motor together with antenna for fine settings.