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Guide how to Flashing Cloud-Ibox3


Guide how to Flashing Cloud-Ibox3

Satduker's Cloud-Ibox3 Guide to re flashing new firmware image.
This guide worked for me if you follow it to the letter it should for you!
Guide date= 22-02-2014
1) Download Cloud-Ibox3 firmware.
When download has finished and saved to your Computer you will find a file named
OpenPLi-4.0-beta-cloud-ibox-3-20140219_usb.rar (or similar depending on your chosen
software image).
This folder needs to be unzipped to somewhere on your PC. You will then have a file named
2) You now need to have a spare USB key (Preferably one with a flashing light on!). This key
needs to be cleanly formatted to FAT32 format.(NOTE: I tested numerous keys before getting
this to work and would advise that you use a key with <4gb storage capacity!!!)
Copy the whole file over to the Usb key and you will have a file named xpeedlx.
3)Turn off the Cloud-Ibox3 at the rear of box or un-plug from mains.
4) Plug the Usb key containing the file named xpeedlx into the REAR (this is important) of the
Cloud-Ibox3 receiver. No other files/folders should be on the Usb Key.
5) Turn on the mains power.
6) You will see the USB key's light flashing whilst the files are being transfered to your
receiver and various alphanumeric text on the front display.
When the light stops flashing (approx3 minutes in my case) and the front display shows
"done", turn the receiver off at the mains again.
7) Remove the USB key and reinstate the power again.
8) Your Cloud-Ibox3 will now reboot and after the initial flash screen will jump to your newly
installed OpenPLi image.
9) Wait a while while the OpenPLi image starts up and you will be presented with your new
image set-up Wizard.
10) Configure your box to how you require it.
Happy viewing and Thanks for reading this guide. I hope it helps.​