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Last Oscam for DM500HD, DM800, DM7025, DM8000 & VU


Super Uploader
Changeset 11532 with emu 797

New in emu 797

Added support for PowerVu hash mode 33
Bug fixes and improvements to BISS2 mode CA (some fixes still needed in oscam dvbapi side)
Fixed CW checksum bytes for viaccess 2
Other small optimizations and improvements
build juli13

Note:The file "oscam-11532-mips-emu-static-lib.zip" is oscam with libcrypto inside it, thus it work in every image, in receivers with mipsel chip.


OSCam svn11534 Emu-r797

[TD]changes log oscam:


[dvbapi] Rewritten the CA PMT parsing code

Some key notes for this revision:
The CA PMT and PMT parsing code is split into separate functions. Additional functionality is also moved to different functions.
The previous CA PMT parsing logic is retained (written by theparasol), but the code is much simpler, easier to maintain and a bit faster.
The CA PMT message is not completely parsed now if there is no need for it (e.g. no change is made to the channel).
The PMT is now parsed only if it's necessary (e.g. for powervu channels, when no streams are present in CA PMT, etc).
Added preliminary support for reading the "ca_pmt_cmd_id" value. A future update (in oscam and enigma2) will allow using multiple oscam instances simultaneously.
Added support for a new descriptor with tag 0x87 in the CA PMT message, used exclusively for sending the ca device information.
Added detailed information for the private CA PMT descriptors supported by oscam in the readme (for dvbapi client developers).


[dvbapi] Fixed previous commit when WITH_EXTENDED_CW is enabled[/TD]



Super Uploader
Changeset 11536 with emu

dvbapi] Fixed "ca_pmt_cmd_id" value for PMT files

For CA PMT messages received via PMT files, set the "ca_pmt_cmd_id" to a proper value (ok_descrambling) instead of zero.
Also made few cosmetic changes.

build juli13

Note:The file "oscam-11536-mips-emu-static-lib.zip" is oscam with libcrypto inside it, thus it work in every image, in receivers with mipsel chip.



Super Uploader
Changeset 11537 with emu

]dvbapi] Reworked "ca_pmt_cmd_id" skipping logic

According to the spec (https://www.dvb.org/resources/public...En50221.V1.pdf), the "ca_pmt_cmd_id"
value shall be present inside the ES info loop. Unfortunately, each dvbapi client does each own thing. The
only reliable way to detect when this info is present in the CA PMT is to actually check its value, like it
was done in the old code.

Most boxes always send the typical value of 0x01 (ok_descrambling) and the above check works fine because
there is no descriptor_tag 0x01 to get confused with. On the contrary, for enigma2, values like 0x03 (query),
0x04 (not_selected) are possible (not yet, but soon). Skipping these higher values the same way will not work,
because descriptors with such tags can exist, so a different check is implemented for enigma2.

In practice, this commit fixes the VDR dvbapi plugin, as well as the enigma2 boxes with wrong dvbapi boxtype
setting ("none" instead on the correct "dreambox" - the setting is irrelevant now, but will make a difference
in the future, so make sure you set it correctly).
build juli13



Super Uploader
Changeset 11540 with emu

[dvbapi] SDT parsing optimizations

The SDT filter is now stopped even if no service name or provide name is found. Previously, on FTA or BISS channels, the SDT filter would run forever.
The SDT is now used for getting the tsid and onid of the service (in case we haven't already receive them in the CA PMT).
Duplicate info from the log is removed to keep it clean. The SDT information is only printed once.
Removed some redundant chekcs from the SDT parsing function. They are already done in the caller function.
Added more service types as "tv".

The actual string parsing and supported character sets remained the same (still some eastern character sets are not supported).
build juli13



Super Uploader
Changeset 11546

Changeset 11546

[gbox] Cosmetics

Changeset 11545

Replaced strncpy() with cs_strncpy() in a few places

Changeset 11544

[dvbapi] Added more PMT audio descriptors

Changeset 11543

[dvbapi] Cosmetics and minor optimizations

Changeset 11542

[dvbapi] CAT filtering optimizations

Separate CAT filter (starting and stopping) from EMM filtering.
Stop CAT filter as soon as CAT is parsed, instead of letting it run forever. (Everytime we get a new channel, the CAT filter is restarted anyway).
Split CAT parsing from CA descriptor parsing.
build juli13