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Latest HD pack

HD Pack 2.7

!!! Before installing HD Pack 2.7, you have to remove its old version completely because of HD Pack 2.7 is not able to remove some components that comes with its old versions. !!!


Online and offline update support
German language (Thanks a lot to Klaus Ader)
Group filter (to components page)
Options dialog (to directory page)
Automatic hardware detection (Cuda/QuickSync/Speaker system)
CyberLink MPEG1-2/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder (PDVD12) v1.0.9700.3709
AV Splitter v1.2.2.3
LAV Video Decoder v0.50.1.0
LAV Audio Decoder v0.50.1.0
LAV Splitter v0.50.1.0
[x64 Kit] AV Splitter x64 v1.2.2.3
[x64 Kit] LAV Video Decoder x64 v0.50.1.0
[x64 Kit] LAV Audio Decoder x64 v0.50.1.0
[x64 Kit] LAV Splitter x64 v0.50.1.0


ArcSoft H.264/VC-1/MPEG2 Decoder v2.28.480.134
AC3Filter v2.1.0.0
FFDShow all-in-one Decoder v1.1.4422.0
MPC Mpeg Splitter v1.6.1.4235
Elecard AVC Video Decoder v2.2.30599.0
Elecard AAC Decoder v1.1.23663.0
Elecard MPEG Demultiplexer v1.3.30518.0
DivX AAC Decoder v8.8.0.41966
Cyberlink Demuxer v2.0.0.3703
[x64 Kit] Cyberlink MPEG1-2/H.264 Video Decoder x64 v1.0.4961.3320
[x64 Kit] FFDShow all-in-one Decoder x64 v1.1.4422.0
[x64 Kit] MPC Mpeg Splitter x64 v1.6.1.4235
[x64 Kit] Cyberlink Demuxer x64 v2.0.64.2226


CyberLink MPEG1-2/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder (PDVD10) v1.0.7246.2926
Haali's components outside MKV


Online Update: With this feature, official webpages of the filters will be checked ( CLVD x64 (its setup is too big), Elecard (its setup cannot be extracted), MPC (The update.Kit is enough for it) are not supported! ) and if there are new versions available, you can easily download and install them through HD Pack at anytime. (If HD Pack succeeded to extract the downloaded files)

After Installation you can easily check for updates using "Check For Updates" shortcut under startmenu.If you want to check for updates at windows startup automatically, check "Create a shortcut of Online Updater into Windows startup" option in options dialog.

If you don't want to check for updates of some filters, uncheck them in Custom Group Filter dialog and check "check for updates of the selected item(s) only" option in there.

Offline Update: To activate this feature, when new versions of the supported filters (So except CLVD x64, Elecard and MPC's setups) are available on DVB Support or somewhere else, download and put original setup files into EXE's (HDPack2.7.EXE) directory and then run the HD Pack.


Before installation, please check required values into options dialog (you can reach it in Directory Page) so if there are inaccuracies in auto-detected values, click on custom and replace them with correct ones.
HD Pack 2.7 has been tested with Nvidia GT430 (296.10 driver installed) and ATI Radeon HD 4520 (12.3 driver installed) cards.
HD Pack 2.7

HD Pack 2.7 x64 Kit
HD Pack 2.7

07.03.2014 Update

Updated (with Update.Kit):
  • Cyberlink MPEG1-2/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder v1.0.9720.6030 (v1 build 6030)
  • ArcSoft MPEG1-2-4/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder v2.28.506.139
  • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.61.0.0
  • Elecard H.264 Video Decoder v3.0.40233.0
  • FFDShow all-in-one Video/Audio Decoder v1.3.4519.0
  • Haali MKV Splitter v1.13.138.14
  • Cyberlink Mpeg Splitter
  • ArcSoft Mpeg Splitter v1.0.2.246
  • Elecard Mpeg Splitter v1.4.40430.0
  • MPC Mpeg Splitter v1.6.8.7417
Updated (with x64.Kit):
  • Cyberlink MPEG1-2/H.264 Video Decoder v1.0.2721.5818 (v1 build 5818)
  • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.61.0.0
  • FFDShow all-in-one Video/Audio Decoder v1.3.4519.0
  • Haali MKV Splitter v1.13.138.14
  • MPC Mpeg Splitter v1.6.8.7417
HD Pack 2.7 Update Kit
HD Pack 2.7 x64 Kit
HD Pack 2.7

24.03.2014 Update

Updated (with Update.Kit):
  • ArcSoft MPEG1-2-4/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder v2.28.510.141
  • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.61.1.0
Updated (with x64.Kit):
  • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.61.1.0
Registration requirement has been removed from the current DVB Support's works!
Accordingly, you can now use "Online Activation" feature to activate any DVB Support's work.The system just generates the necessary key according to the Hardware ID, so any user data is not stored in the server!

HD Pack 2.7 Update Kit
HD Pack 2.7 x64 Kit