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OpenPLi _4.0-beta


Users running the previous Gstreamer 1.7.0 image, should be able to peform a Software Update!

A quick rebuild because we got a report that bug: https://bugzilla.gno...g.cgi?id=758928
was fixed by this commit: http://cgit.freedesk...29936f8b963e24b

Please test these two streams if possible and report back:

#SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3A//xg5tbqm52h1pot9.babahhcdn.com/witch/season1/304680.mp4:Dougnut test
#DESCRIPTION Dougnut test
#SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//cdn.phoenix.intergi.com/19850/videos/4357110/video-sd.mp4:Test MP4
Hopefully the bug that prevents playing mp4 files from remote locations is now fixed :)

Changes compared to openpli-oe-core gst-1:

- Ships with gstreamer upstream master git:
Using the same patches as openpli-oe-core gst-1, no changes or extra patches added.
Only patch I've removed is: 0001-baseparse-post-tag-list-when-avg-bitrate-changes-at-.patch,
because that patch is already accepted and commited to upstream git.
- Every receiver uses christophecvr's multibox dvbmediasink.
- Using libtrmp and rtmpdump from oe-alliance.
- Some small enigma2 patches for Dreambox receivers (ac3/dts bypass and blanking on zap support).
These are only applied for Dreambox receivers.
- AAC to AC3 transcoding V2 by mx3L (requires a fast cpu).
- IPTV Player from samsamsam included (thx to Athoik for the recipe).
- Large list of public IPTV streams included thanks to the Japhar Team.
- Updated libcdio and cdtextinfo for audio-cd support by Christophecvr.
- DM800Se, DM7020HD and DM800SeV2 driver upgraded to 20151201:
added si2166b blindscan support
- Spark images includes the pti.ko from OpenATV so softcam's should work now.
- DM800 kernel will now always pass the vermagic check when loading modules.
Now you can try and load any DM800 2.6.18 kernel module from OE1.5 to 2.0.

Known issues:

- DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.
- On spark/spark7162 you need to set 'boxtype = dreambox' for oscam dvbapi.
We're using the OE-A drivers and 'duckbox' doesn't seem to work on these.
- On spark/spark7162 you need to set a skin which doesn't resize the framebuffer.
Because sometimes it doesn't scale back to fullscreen.
I've included the MX-HQ7 skin for use as workaround.
- On Zgemma Star you cannot use fullHD skins.
This is a hardware/driver limitation.
Please don't try it, it will crash enigma2.