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New images SatDreamGr 2015-10-25

Latest version includes all OpenPLi updates up to 24-10-2015

Satdreamgr Changes

1. Improvements at Satdreamgr-HD skin
2. New spinner

Download http://www.satdreamgr.com/forum/cmps...dreamgr-images

-Update from Enigma: Menu -> Install -> Software Management -> Update Software .-

Please run the following command before updating old image

For all receivers except dm800

sed -i 's/' /etc/opkg/*.conf
wget -qO-| sh

For receiver dm800

sed -i 's/' /etc/opkg/*.conf
wget -qO-| sh

Enigma2 Changelog:

5983e1c Add option to enable or disable the timer conflict detection
031e940 config descriptions: rephrase streaming/descrambling options.
d498c04 streaming/remote fallback tuner: Add option to always descramble incoming streams.
8e0e0a6 add eStreamClient info
59cf27d cosmetic: change eDVBServiceBase::tryFallbackTuner into a static member method.
a76e8f5 ServiceDVBRecord: Add fallback tuner to recording as well.
fa7190f DVBServiceBase: refactor fallback tuner code into member method.
271d328 ServiceDVBRecord: add m_is_pvr member.
d820643 ServiceDVBPlay: change m_is_stream and m_is_pvr from int to bool.
aa88f8d debug: silence annoying messasge "[eDVBTeletextParser] PES data_unit_length(%d) > len(%d)"
68ff7b5 Update Latvian translation
6b11574 Full french translation. Thnx again Pr2
351c68f update for the swedish translation.
5ac0349 pl.po: Translations update and some corrections
bad34be Correction of PL translation
bc9aace fix copy/paste bug in similar epg for FullHD
44cd2d9 Metaparser: add sanity check
e38e02a Store service name in recordings **** file.
ab32fb9 PositionerSetup: add missing orb_pos in createConfig removed in d73c5a51d0602a0d3a4ad49946006f66967b2c2a, thx theparasol
ddf55d9 PositionerSetup: remove forgotten incorect string in createSetup
34b7672 Update pl.po
b424197 SoftwareManager: Sanitize imports
a1654e3 Network.py: simplify checkforInterface
5d6d851 Screens/NetworkSetup.py: Sanitize imports
6a83d50 Remove "newplugin.py"
7805268 [PositionerSetup] fix default sat value
d73c5a5 [PositionerSetup] add checking USALS ,update skin and new option save index to setup
d690018 Update French translations by Pr2
aa2695f update ru.po
a7db35f Update Latvian translation
770266b Add "DUB" to Portuguese audio language choices.
407cbab DVD player plugin possible gsod error.
0391a06 Possible GSOD er by commit 08e140f0e238a3e110b93ba9cdab066b25196c1d
0db71cf [NumericalTextInput] add symbol #
56a009a Python import fixup: Don't import os.path. Avoid 'from'.
282bbff Converter Streaming.py - add sanity check
08e140f Audio cd whithout cdfs support.
c7d64cc pixexif: cosmetic

OE-Core Changelog:

4bac1f6 ****-dream: dreambox-boot-progress: set proper S value
ce7e34b The skin wouldn't install completele due the missing of the postinstall.
cfe07bb formuler: update bsp
6b08b0f streamproxy: Add support for VU+ SoloSE.
a2174c7 xtrend: update bsp
1e1bfd5 fakelocale pl_PL lc_time: change month names to genitive, for grammatically correct displaying of date
42af7ca xtrend: update bsp
842b886 forgot adding the pd1loi-hd bb file :(
e46720e add PD1loi-hd skin to the feeds
9b8a067 xmltvimport: Fix spurious failures to process incoming data
988aa0b xmltvimport-rytec: New sources (added: Russian)
1d3a0b6 ****-openpli: python-wifi fix SRC_URI
9bcb233 xtrend: update bsp
371a0ab update SRCREV to tuxtxt HEAD
d08597f Update HansSettings to okt 14 2015
8ae0bc7 xtrend: update bsp
e1c6c35 xtrend: update bsp
d72eb4f -e ****-vuplus: update bsp
07111ae xmltvimport-rytec: fixed URI.
1a7c073 xmltvimport: Get rid of os.system calls
0f7aadc xmltvimport-rytec: Changed URI (new website provider)
f58627a update submodule ****-hd
54f13fe enigma2-plugin-extensions-xmltvimport: Update to current HEAD
eddbd35 layer.conf: Prevent OPENPLI_BASE value dirtying sstate value
308142d hotplug-e2-helper: Audio CD without cdfs
e9c40c5 busybox/mdev.conf start bdpoll only on insertion
a8d2e68 push oscam to rev 11034