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Tutoriali i informacije uvezi instalacije OE 2.0.0 imagea


Highlights with images OE 2.0.0

Images based on OE 2.0.0 also released for other HD The Dreambox, but not completely.

In the Dreambox 8000, all facilities for the 7020HD OE 2.0.0 was released, there are other features of HDMI-CEC, 8000 Because DreamWorks is no HDMI and DVI uses, This feature is not present in the images OE 2.0.0, but technically possible, there is HDMI-CEC in 8000 and DreamWorks in the next update will be added to it.

But in the Dreambox 500HD 800se and it is a little different, Due to low flash memory device, dream multi media was forced to make some important features of this receiver does not by default.

For example, WEB Browser and HBB and DLNA capabilities of this receiver does not exist, But do not worry, you can separate these three tools to install the panel's image, But it will occupy all the space and enough space to install the Flash plugin the other will not.

The Web browser plugin is 40 MB, and on the flash device is not installed.

Dreambox 800HD also used in the old kernel, but the good news is that the image decoder for OE 2.0.0 released, Mips32el plugins for this device has been published.
The image installed OE 2.0.0 on dreambox 800, this feature will have a new plug with mips32el that are installed on this machine and played well.

It is noteworthy that the new plugins are released based on OE 2.0.0 of mips32el use, And this means that the decoder is not installed by VU + and Xtrend are totally exclusive.

Almost all the old Plugins with Dream Multi Medai were mipsel mips32el time for release and online panel image and dreamboxupdate site has available.

But another important feature of the Blue ray images OE 2.0.0 is supported.
Using Blue Disk can Plugins in the decoder can use the Blu-ray discs.

Good luck